rcsi bahrain announces the first recipients of the rcsi bahrain ica programme

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for the first time since its launch, 29 students from rcsi bahrain have received the rcsi bahrain international citizenship award.

The RCSI bahrain International Citizenship Award programme (ICA) is a two-year, mentored programme open for students from the school of medicine and School of Nursing & Midwifery and is organised and managed by the Department of Student Development and Wellbeing, in conjunction with the Careers and alumni Office.

the winners of the award are referred to as rcsi international citizens, and they are students who have exhibited the necessary skills and knowledge to work successfully in the world of healthcare while demonstrating the ability to be reflective and to interact effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds.

president of rcsi bahrain, professor sameer otoom commented, “congratulations to the first recipients of the rcsi bahrain international citizenship award on your terrific achievement. you have exceptionally displayed your ability to be creative, analytical, ethical, and culturally aware leaders, who will soon be ready to enter and thrive in the field of healthcare. in rcsi bahrain, we take pride in our students and we are committed to nurturing outstanding healthcare professionals who will differentiate themselves as leaders in the healthcare field.”

aqsa patel, one of the awardees who addressed her fellow award recipients said, “a huge congratulations is in order to all of us for reaching the completion of this two-year long journey. over the past couple of years, we have developed and honed skills such as focus, discipline, time management and collegiality, which we gained throughout our experience in the ica programme."

to be eligible to take part in the ica programme, students attend compulsory workshops on cultural competency and reflective writing along with a series of other requirements and tasks as they are guided by their ica mentors. they are also expected to submit a portfolio and a final reflective essay on what makes them an rcsi international citizen. at the end of the two years, the students’ work will be assessed by the appointed ica board and those who successfully complete the programme will receive an award.